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    Surface Mount

    Eclipse Series Square Standard Table Shade Structure

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    The Eclipse Series metal shade shelters are designed to offer a simple, compact, budget friendly shaded area that is as beautiful as it is heavy duty. The Eclipse series is offered in many different shapes each with their own unique seating options.

    The Eclipse Series Square Standard Table Shade Shelter combines an 8’x8’ shade mounted to a center post with the addition of a standard picnic table. This provides an umbrella like shaded picnic area with seating for up to 8 people.

    The 12/6 pitch 26-gauge 7/8” aluminum-zinc coated corrugated steel roof is treated with a resin-based Kynar 500 finish available in 24 colors offering you amazing weather resistance and a customizable look to match surrounding architecture.

    The frames of the Eclipse series are made with structural steel tubing welded by master welders and then treated in an epoxy-powder coat process that leaves the steel incased inside and out in a durable shell that is itself available in 18 colors. This provides a scratch, and paint resistant coating that will not rust, flake, chip, or fade.

    The optional solar powered lighting kit provides a 7-watt LED light with the batteries, solar panel, and charging circuitry to provide light on a nightly basis bypassing the need for wiring to the structure itself. Finally, the table is finished with a high-density recycled polymer wood product that provides a low-maintenance surface that is easily repaired or replaced if damage does occur.

    The Eclipse Series Square Standard Table Shade Structure ships in multiple pieces with ASTM A36 Steel surface mount pads pre-welded to the shade frame, and requires steel reinforced footings. Professional installation is strongly recommended as is help offloading upon delivery.
    Accessibility Not Accessible
    Recycled Material Content No Recycled Materials
    Mount Type Surface Mount
    Canopy Size 8x8
    Professional Installation Required
    Shade Height 8' feet
    Weight 864.0000
    Forklift needed to offload? Required

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    Park Planet Limited Warranty for Eclipse Series Shade Structures

    Park Planet warrants to the original purchaser of its structures that it will furnish materials free from manufacturing defects and will be structurally sound and can be assembled with normal expertise and tools required and found in the construction industry. The limited warranty is for a period of ten (10) years from the date of invoice with the following terms and conditions.

    1. This warranty is in effect only if the structure has been assembled and installed strictly in accordance with Park Planet's installation drawings and good construction practices, and has been subjected only to normal use and exposure.
    2. Abnormal conditions are specifically excluded from coverage under this warranty.
    3. Contingent liability is specifically excluded. Park Planet has the option to repair or replace any defect in materials.
    4. The owner shall notify Park Planet to arrange for an inspection within thirty (30) days after discovery of any defect under this warranty, and before any alteration or repair is made or attempted.
    5. Park Planet is in no way responsible for damages caused by others, including: vandalism, fire, lightning or acts of God, corrosion caused by moisture, chemicals, air or salt spray, pollution, or infestation by rodents or other vermin.
    6. This limited warranty shall be null and void if the owner makes any alterations in design or to the structure in the field without prior authorization.
    7. Park Planet shall not be responsible for insurance standards or code compliance changes that may be required in the future.
    8. Park Planet shall not be responsible for delays due to missing, stolen, or non-conforming parts. Any rework of non-conforming parts must be authorized by Park Planet prior to the time that the rework is done.
    9. Some fitting and field cutting of parts will be required and is normal part of construction, and will not be subject to back charges or cause for rejection.
    10. In the unlikely event of failure, Park Planet reserves the right to alter the design, color, or contributing factors to rectify the condition and help prevent any future reoccurrence(s).
    11. Park Planet specifically excludes any implied warranty of merchantability, of fitness, or of purpose, and there are no warranties, which extend beyond the description of the face hereof.
    12. Under no circumstances will Park Planet be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages due to breach of warranty, and such damages are specifically excluded from this warranty.
    13. Pre-finished metal roof surfaces, performance thereof shall be the responsibility of the metal finisher. Warranties to the customer will be handled directly by the metal finisher. Park Planet assumes or implies no warranties as to finish durability.
    14. The structure's steel frame finish (unless specifically noted) is an industrial application of either a red oxide rust inhibitive primer or a finish coat of premium TGIC powder coat over epoxy coat primer, this process withstands the natural elements and provides a 10 year limited finish warranty. The structure will require field maintenance in the future to help prevent corrosion. Frequency of field maintenance will depend on (1) the severity of your weather conditions, (2) your storage procedures used before installation, and (3) the care taken by the installer so as to not scrape or scratch finish during installation. Park Planet assumes no responsibility for the finish and maintenance of finish applied by the contractor in the field.

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