Playground projects, whether they’re in a park or a school, are an expensive undertaking for everyone involved. From the manufacturer to the customer, the cost of building a steel and rotomold playground is a costly venture.

One factor that many customers do not incorporate into their planned budgets is the costs to ship the playground. If you took the cost of an average playground structure, say $40,000, and shipped it from Missouri or Minnesota (where two of the largest playground manufacturers are located) you could expect your shipping costs to be upwards of $4000 – $5000 in shipping. That’s 10% or more of your overall structure cost!! This, along with many other reasons is why NSP3 strives to partner with West Coast manufacturers. NSP3 is among the top commercial playground and shade suppliers in California, it only makes since that we do our customers the service of keeping their shipping costs as low as possible.

Our playground manufacturer, PlayCraft, is based out of Grants Pass, Oregon. For the same $40,000 playground structure we could ship it for between $1,400 – $2,400 depending on how far south of Oregon we’re shipping. That’s roughly a $2,600 savings! So before you start your next playground project, consider where your equipment is coming from and how it will affect your budget.

The golden rule of real estate can be applied; Location! Location! Location!