DSA or Department of State Architects.

If you’ve heard the name you know that your project isn’t going to be quick and easy. Between the multiple inspections and submittals there comes the headache of knowing what manufacturers structure can even withstand your area’s seismic rating. Do you hire an architect? What type of inspections are needed to appease California’s regulations? There can be so many questions and hoops to jump through and really all you want to do is keep your school kids out of the rain or block them from California’s unforgiving heat.

Who are you going to call?

If your answer was Ghostbuster’s, I applaud you, but you were wrong…still a great movie though! Call NSP3 at (877) 473-7619. We’ve run through the DSA process over and over again, we know what inspections and forms you need to submit. We’re already on top of the new California’s Builders Code, we’ll help ensure your structure will meet the newest regulations available. Have an architect? Perfect! We’ve helped architects for years to complete their projects. The budget doesn’t allow for an architect? That’s okay too, because we have people who have completely dedicated themselves to this type of massive undertaking. See some of their work here!

“But I want a shade canopy over my playground…”

Even better! The slides and metal climbers can get hot for children’s hands. Our DSA team is proficient in DSA projects, both playgrounds and DSA metal shelters or fabric canopies. Bringing play and shade together is a whole different area of rules and regulations, but we got you covered. If you have a shelter project, be it a fabric canopies, walkway covers, or a shelter for the kids to eat outside under, let us help you.

So, are you ready to start your DSA project? Check out all of our DSA Shade options here!