Park Benches & Tables

Tables and Benches complete the outdoor environment. We offer outdoor solutions for both budget sensitive and premium projects.

Our products are commercial grade and can withstand the harshest environments. Choose from metal, recycled plastic, coated metal and combinations thereof.

Park Benches & Tables Gallery

Classic Bench

Classic Bench with back – 6 foot

Classic Bench with Sign – 6 foot

Classic Series Rectangular 8 ft. Table

Classic Series Square Table

Double Urban Elite – 12 foot

Round Pedestal Table

Round Table

Slat Series Bench, with back – 6 foot

Slat Series Bench, without back

Square Pedestal Table

Urban Elite Bench – 6 foot

Aria Leaf 6 Foot Bench

Airi Stix 5 foot Bench

Signature 6’ Contour Bench With Divided Seating – RC6000M

Airi Leaf 6’ Flat Bench – AE2690LF

6’ Aluminum Picnic Table – HDA6G

Beacon Hill Bamboo Bistro Table, 2 Flat Seats

Beacon Hill Bamboo ADA, 3 Swivel Seats

Coronado Bamboo 6’ Contour Bench – CR2780B

Coronado Recycled Plastic 6’ Contour Bench – CR2780R

Rally 6′ Rectangular Picnic Table

Rally Square Picnic Table

8′ Rect Expanded Steel Table, w/Seat & Back, Portable Frame

6′ Rect Perforated Steel Table – Pedestal Inground Mount

Recycled Plastic 6′ Flat Bench, Galvanized Frame

Round Perforated Steel Table – Pedestal Inground Mount

Square Perforated Steel Table – Pedestal Surface Mount

Square Perforated Steel Table – Pedestal Inground Mount

Ultra Slotted Steel Table

Allure Aluminum 6 foot Contour Bench – #AL1980

Balance 6 foot slotted steel bench, solid ends – #TSSCBEN6

Beacon Hill Recycled Table with 4 Swivel Chairs – #BH1840SR

Cosmopolitan 6 foot flat Bench – #L1780 & 6 foot Contour Bench with arms – #L1770

Indio 5 foot Flat Bench – #L1501

Latitude 6′ Contour Bench with arms – #L1441A


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