Trash Receptacles

Park Planet offers a wide variety of litter and trash receptacles. We have a solution for all budgets.

Park Planet offers a wide variety of trash and recycle receptacles. You can choose from metal, plastisol coated, powder coated, recycled plastic and wood. You can scroll through some of our most products below.

Trash Receptacles Gallery

Airi Stix 45-Gal. Trash Receptacle with Side Door – AE2645CT-STX

Beacon Hill 45 Gal. Recycled Plastic Receptacle, Bonnet Top – #BH1845RBT

Exposition 33 Gallon Trash Receptacle with Bonnet Top – #LEX33

Madison 35 gallon Bamboo Receptacle with open hood top – #TL35DT

Rendezvous 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Bonnet Top – #L1378BT

Upside 50 gallon Trash Receptacle – #PT4500

Airi Stix 45-Gal Trash Receptacle with side door – AE2645CT-STX

Beacon Hill 35 Gal Recycled Plastic/Open Top – BH1835R

Beacon Hill 70 Gal Rec Plastic Recpt/Recycler Bonnet Top – BH1870RBT

Element 48 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Bonnet Ash Top

Essence 30 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Push Door Top

Latitude 40 Gal Receptacle – L1439

Metrix 40 Gallon Trash – L2009

Rally 32 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Contour Top

Recycled Plastic Receptacle 40 Gal

Rendezvous 40 Gallon Recycler, Recycler Top – L1383RT

Rendezvous 40 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Contour Top – L1383CT

Rendezvous 69 Gallon Triple Recycler, Bonnet Top – L1382BT


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