Train Town

Age Group: 2-5

Required Use Zone: 52′ x 29′ (Train) – 21′ x 22′ (Trader Station) – 17′ x 19′ (Lookout Tower) – 16′ x 26′ (Freestanding Slide)

Capacity: 130 – 140 Children



Train Town is unlike most other themed playgrounds we’ve displayed, because train town is more than a single piece of equipment. Train town is a concept of a western train station. This set up truly inspires children to make believe and create new stories with their friends. Without sacrificing traditional play components, we’ve put together a themed structure that offers a little bit of everything. Pairing this theme structure with a our City Them or Western Theme structures will create a full town. Or if you simply add one of our pony spring riders (not shown) this concept really begins to come to life.

Play Features:

  • Multiple custom panels (train and western)
  • Music planels
  • 36″ slide
  • Crawl tubes
  • Talk tubes
  • Chain Climber
  • Spiral Climber
  • Interactive panels
  • Seating Panels
  • 48″ Independent Slide
  • 48″ Look out tower with climber

Not happy with the colors? This is an easy fix! The color options are endless and color changes do not affect the price!

Is this structure almost perfect? Call us today so we can tweak the structure to fit all your desired features!

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