Age Group: 2-5

Required Use Zone: 35′ x 34′

Capacity: 35 – 45 Children



Prepare for your imagination to run wild in this forest themed playground! Beyond the play features that this structure has to offer, the imagination will be another play feature that offers endless replay value. This play structure is made for someone who may want to break away from a traditional play structure, but their not ready to for something that is too much of a drastic change. This structure has plenty of different forest themed aesthetics, and several different types of play events.

Playground Features:

  • 36″ Quarter turn Slide
  • 48″ Double wave slide
  • 48″ Log slide
  • Ranger station panel w/ lily pad seat
  • Clock panel
  • ¬†Stump climber w/ tree house entry
  • Log crawl tube
  • Telescope
  • Mounted steering wheel
  • Step-up stump climber
  • 3 Evergreen tree toppers w/ tree roots
  • 2 Tree house shed roof

Not happy with the colors? This is an easy fix! The color options are endless and color changes do not affect the price!

Is this structure almost perfect? Call us today so we can tweak the structure to fit all your desired features!

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