Age Group: 2-5

Required Use Zone: 35′ x 31′

Capacity: 20 – 30 Children



This contemporary playground really meets the demand for the little guys and gals. The mix of sliding, climbing, balance, exploration, and interactive panels will have the truly young children reach to get out there and play! Take piece of mind that this playground keeps everything low to the ground, but still offers enough of a challenge to prepare kids for the next level. This structure allows children to really figure out how to interact with the playground, and most kids haven’t seen anything beyond a traditional post and deck platform. Not only does this playground offer a little of everything, but it also beats the heat with two shade canopies.

Playground Features:

  • 24″ Slide
  • Lunar climber
  • Shroom stepper
  • Crawl tube
  • Maze panel
  • Tri-hub climber
  • 2 Single post shade canopies

Not happy with the colors? This is an easy fix! The color options are endless and color changes do not affect the price!

Is this structure almost perfect? Call us today so we can tweak the structure to fit all your desired features!

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