Ball Walls for Playgrounds & Parks

Park Planet offers pre-engineered, pre-checked, and DSA approved Ball Walls that are approved for California School.

California School Ball Walls

Our playground and commercial ball walls are DSA approved for use in California Schools. These pre-checked DSA Ball Walls make headache-free ordering and installations.

No need for DSA? These ball walls still make headache-free ordering and installation process. All the pieces of the walls are factory cut and come with an easy-to-use installation guide. Park Planet can even help with your install if you are looking for a similarly turn-key project.

Above all, superior production and craftsmanship of the product make them DSA approved. The high-quality plywood creates the smoothest surfaces on both sides of the wall for impeccable game play.

Park Planet’s Ball Walls combine quality and creativity. Paint your school logo, your school colors, an intricate design, a community mural, local team mascot, or anything on these walls.

DSA Ball Walls are versatile pieces of the playground. They develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, handling, social skills, emotional strength, and dexterity. As a result, kids have created games to play wall ball since the beginning of time. Now, even adults are playing wall ball. For instance, Cross fit and fitness routines use ball walls in different workout programs. If you are looking for a versatile and high-quality piece of equipment to put in your park, play area, apartment complex, etc. that all ages can use, a wall ball is a great solution at a reasonable price.

Contact us at (877) 473.7619 to get pricing, installation instructions, and our pre-checked plans with an approved DSA PC number.


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