Playground Basketball Hoops & Goals

Sports like basketball make exercising fun and socializing easy!

Playground Basketball Hoops and Goals

Is your park, school, apartment complex, or athletic facility in need of some basketball goals or equipment? Park Planet is your all-in-one turn-key option for all things hoops!

Our team at Park Planet is excited to be able to offer a full line of basketball hoop and goals to fit the needs of all outdoor play areas.

We also offer complete tetherball units and triple hoops for those who want something a little different from the classic basketball hoop. The triple hoop is fun for younger kids because you can have multiple kids shooting hoops at the same time or they can take turns trying to find out which hoop the ball will come out of.

Park Planet’s wide variety of Basketball hoops and goals give basketball players of all ages the chance to enjoy the game. Did you know that playing playground basketball helps children with their developmental skills? Basketball teaches kids of all ages to improve their sensory, motor, cognitive, and social/emotional skills.

Playground Basketball Hoops are great for inspiring kids to get active. Basketball hoops and goals make great additions to parks, apartment complexes, churches, because it is an activity for people of all ages. Playground Basketball Hoops have a great way of bringing kids, communities, and even neighbors together for some healthy competition and exercise.

Park Planet is ready yo help with your basketball goal project

The knowledgeable sales team at Park Planet is ready to help you with your next playground basketball hoops and goals project. We can help with every part of your project, from determining the size of basketball hoop you need to getting the nets installed.

Contact us today at (877) 473-7619 or shoot us an email at to get started with your basketball hoop project!


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