Ping Pong Tables

Park Planet now sells permanent, weatherproof outdoor ping pong tables for parks, campuses, residential developments and public spaces.

POPP is a pioneer of Ping Pong Placemaking. Spanning across Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, POPP partners with its clients to cultivate community spaces defined by social recreation, authenticity and grassroots engagement.

All POPP tables conform to the International Table Tennis Federation specifications: 9’ x 5’ x 2.5′ h.

The Flagship

The Flagship table in an incredibly robust 1545 lbs. steel, outdoor ping pong table. Fully welded – even the net, securing footings and paddle and ball holder. There are no removable parts and consequently, no need to worry. The table is delivered with an industrial standard, single color pant treatment (any color), but is originally designed to have artwork applied to its surface. Public Playable Art!

The Local

The local s one of the toughest ‘traditional’ style outdoor table tennis tables. At 610 lbs., delivered flat-packed to be assembled on site by the client, the Local table is built from a robust, galvanized steel frame and SafetyNet with a hardwearing composite laminate table top (color finishes available), paddle and ball holder and securing footing.

The Ephemeralist

The Ephemeralist is a 695 lbs. welded and secure-fastened outdoor ping pong table with securing footings. This table is all about design. Classic, architectural and effortlessly minimal, the table is finished in a powder coated single or dual color surface treatment. Includes a discreet paddle and ball holder and can be assembled in any location, indoors or outdoors.

The POPP Flagship and Ephemeralist tables are designed as canvases for artwork.

The POPP concept of Public Playable Art not only brings art, life, color and authenticity into a community space, but it also creates – through the game of ping pong and the visual storytelling of an artist – a way to capture and develop the grassroots identity and brand of a place. Add to that the opportunity to engender artists and their networks with a sense of pride and ownership over a public space and the POPP art concept starts to bloom.

Of course, the artwork concept is also an opportunity for customers to apply a logo, park name, motto, sponsor or donor message, or school emblem on the table. In this sense artwork is defined broadly.

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